Our Raw Materials


Alumina, a characteristic of ceramic materials is the one with the most rigid structure. High wear resistance, corrosion resistance is applied where needed. Due to its high insulation, electrical industry, is also used.

Ekorit’in characteristics

– High abrasion resistance,
– Very high değerlikte hardness,
– Heat resistance against the expansion,
– Sufficient bending resistance,
– Very high dielectric property,

Our products have the best performance of the E-500, 99.7% purity alumina produced.Reduced particle because of their size, to obtain a very smooth and delicate surface.With a combination of high wear resistance properties and the E-500, high-speed and blood pressure, where the optimal solution. Chemical Fibre is the ideal solution applications.


Titania products, hardness and wear resistance properties Alumina behind, although the specific use areas. A brief description;
E-TB product antistatic property, where it is used prevents static eliektiriklenmeyi.
E-TY product, soft surface filamentlerdeki feature prevents breakage. Certain applications of fiber is the ideal solution and textured.

ekotit of the characteristics of

– Adequate abrasion resistance
– Sufficient hardness
– Sufficient bending resistance
– Resistance to heat expansion


Zirconia products, with high strength and hardness with good abrasion resistance as well as mechanical and physical stability of pulses used in the desired areas.

ekozir of the characteristics of

– High abrasion resistance
– Very high bending resistance
– Resistance to heat expansion
– High değerlikte hardness

ekorit, ekotit, ekozir applied surface polishing products

– Standard Polishing

– Matt Polishing

– Diamond Polishing