Company Brief

Firstly our company started to produce textile yarn guides in 1985, with the partnership Erginer Porcelain, who makes since the ’50s technical porcelain. Then, follow the developments in the sector has started to produce alumina ceramics, advanced technology brand in 1996 with ekorit® trade mark . Then the titania ceramics ekotit® brand , and in 2005 added the zirconia ceramic with ekozir® brand product range.Our company uses high quality raw materials from worldwide , providing optimum standards in cost and in quality.

The second issue of our company is production of jacquard weaving machines harnesses, have started to produce in 1989, harnesses equipments and accesories under ekowire® brand . In the beginning, iron weighted wire healds have been produced. Closely followed developments in textile industry, brings our company in the leader position in Turkey . In a row, Lycra weighted system, silicone weighted system and spring pull-down system wire healds have been manufacted by Ekoteks A.S.

Our company is equipped with modern communication and production equipment . Our tool shop in our industrial structure and professional CAD design in line with requests from our customers , through our CNC model processing unit and experienced technical personnel , new product designs, these patterns are carried out successfully . In addition, ” the technical consultancy ” services on the material , the most accurate material in a short time and are manufactured in accordance with standards .

As integrated manufacturer, your demands with a minimum number of products allow us to serve our customers the same standard . (New mold or services available from stock ) by use special polishing techniques we apply to our products , the desired surface roughness (Ra value ) .

Through its extensive knowledge and experience our company, in harness & jacquard accessories, applied to jacquard machines recommended loads.

Our company participated in the exhibitions, introduced its products domestically and abroad in many countries and has proven itself with quality.
A portion of its products are exported with experience in international exports. In addition, our ceramic products are used in the production of copper cable and other industries.

For years close dialogue with the machine and yarn manufacturers, Ekoteks closely monitoring requirements and innovations in the industry it serves. Our company gives importance to R & D activities, in order to the quality and technological development, is the leader with 32 years in the market.