About Us

About Us

EKOTEKS Established in 1985, our company is manufacturing two different production issues.

Our first production issues ; ceramic guides ( textile machinery ceramics) , is the production of technical ceramics and special ceramics . Generally known brand name – ekorit*
Our company is engaged in the production of technical porcelain since 1950 ” Erginer Porcelain Co.,” in 1985 as the founding partner which make first began manufacturing porcelain thread guides in Turkey .

Ekoteks has been followed the developments in the industry and start to produce following –guides:

— in 1996 – with the brand Ekorit* aluminum oxide guides,

— in 2002 – with the brand Ekotit* titaniumoxide guides

— in 2005 – with the brand Ekozir* began to produce zirconium guides .

Today,Ekoteks has able to produce with eight different types of raw materials ; In the textile industry , copper – steel wire drawing and cable industry also claimed by producing special ceramics serves customers in various sectors .

The second production of our company subject: Ekowire* ready for jacquard woven with the brand series of sequences and equipment are ready . In 1989, iron weights , combined with the power wire to the plastic injection molding industry has signed a policy . Place the weight system with Lycra , silicone my weight and finally sprung weight system in Turkey has produced . Our company is next to the tag sequence upholstery, towels, velvet, tulle curtains and bedspreads sequences are also produced .

On the principles of integrated producers of raw materials to the company to enter and exit the finished goods are ready for use . The advantage of this property as we produce the best quality products made of quality control at every stage of the production is done.

EKOTEKS participation in exhibitions both domestically and abroad, in many countries has proven itself by the quality of products have been introduced . Our company with experience in international export a large portion of their products are exported.