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About Ekorit

We have introduced advanced ceramics in Turkey …

Our company, with more than 30 years of technical porcelain production with Erginer Porcelain making co-founding partner in 1985, first began to produce porcelain yarn guides. Then, following the developments in the sector, we  started to produce high technology aluminum-oxide ceramics in 1996. Our company aiming to increase the product variety in ceramics produced by Ekorit® brand, especially for nylon and polyester based yarn-producing machines.  Using high quality raw materials which has known worldwide, our company provides optimum standards in terms of costs and quality for years..

In the production of textiles, cables and copper wire;

In addition to these, we produce yarn brake guides which are used in yarn transfer and warping machines according to customer demands. In addition to textile ceramics; also produces technical ceramics used in copper cable, steel cable manufacturing and other industries. In addition, POY and FDY used in the production of polyester yarn, such as FDY ceramic walkers are produced with high strength and quality.

Your technical advisor ;

Besides that, the most accurate material is produced in a short time and in accordance with the standards with de technical consultancy about material services. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our company in the field of ceramics and textiles; The surface roughness with the kind of ceramic are different types that should  recommended by our customers in the most correct way. Again, we can produce the desired surface roughness (Ra- values) with the special polishing techniques applied in our Ekorit®products.

R & D activities for progress

Our company, which has been in close dialogue with machine manufacturers and users for years, closely follows the requirements and innovations in the sector it serves. In order to maintain its quality and technological development, our company attaches importance to R & D studies and is a leader in its experience and service.

Our Quality awareness

Our company has introduced Ekorit®products in many countries and has proven itself with the quality. ” Made in Turkey ” the slogan of our company engaged in the production sector in B & A – ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate ..